The Epic Board – Get with the Programme!

The Epic Board has become somewhat of a local attraction over the last couple of weeks!

Aside from being the high point of a visit by a number of McKinsey Management Consultants (who apparently stopped to take pictures – no joke), the Epic Board also got the nod of approval from Howard Averill, CFO of Time Inc.


It’s at times like these that I am reminded of how far we have come with Agile Programme Management over the past few years.

I introduced the Epic Board as a programme management tool – a tangible release plan that can help you to plan software development programmes comprising multiple separate projects combined with Business As Usual Activities.

This task-board-like creation creates a cohesive and collaborative centre piece around which you can hold your Scrums of Scrums or your Programme Planning sessions.

Our Epic board has grown (to cover most of my office) over the last five months. It now tracks top-level deliverables (Epics, Milestones and Objectives) across seven separate teams, four divisions and two separate disciplines i.e. Web Development and Infrastructure Engineering.

It’s quite amazing how the introduction of something so simple could have such a profound effect on the way we define, monitor and discuss project delivery and resourcing.

If you want to know more, check out the Epic Board section of Agile101.


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