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You know you're not using Scrum when… (5 Questions from Nokia)

Posted by Tara Hamilton-Whitaker on September 1, 2009

Five questions asked by Nokia to determine whether or not their teams were following the guidelines of Scrum.

These questions are discussed in more detail by Jeff Sutherland during the 2006 Google Tech Talk – Scrum Tuning: Lessons learned from Google.

So, you know you’re not using Scrum when

  1. Your Product Backlog doesn’t contain estimates
  2. You can’t generate a Release Burndown Chart
  3. You don’t know your velocity
  4. The team doesn’t know who their Product Owner is
  5. A Project Manager involved with the work of the team(s)

So, are you using Scrum?

For an extended version of this questionnaire – See: How Agile Are you (The Survey)

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One Response to “You know you're not using Scrum when… (5 Questions from Nokia)”

  1. Eric Laramée said

    Good points!

    The Nokia test does a good high level job also :

    Cheers, iteratively and incrementally ;)

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