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Top 10 Tips for Agile Software Development Testing!

Posted by Tara Hamilton-Whitaker on September 9, 2009

I just stumbled upon a great blog post by Ray Claridge ( – Golden Rules for Software Testing.

I’ve summarised his top 9 tips and have added one (!)

Check out his original post for further details on each point: Golden Rules for Software Testing

Thanks, Ray!

Top 10 Agile Software Development Testing

1)   Testers should be involved at every stage of the delivery process i.e. from planning to release – Tara

2)   Find the bugs early

3)   Make sure you implement the three levels of Software Testing

4)   Don’t rely too much on automated testing (!)

5)   Deal with resistance

6)   Regression test every release

7)   Give defects a test-severity status

8)   Let Product Owners decide if a defect should be fixed (based on business priority)

9)   Define your test entry and exit criteria

10) Focus on the Software Testing process, not the tools

See: Golden Rules for Software Testing for more information about each of these tips: (


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5 Responses to “Top 10 Tips for Agile Software Development Testing!”

  1. -e said

    4 and 6 are in conflict. And 4 is the one that’s wrong. You can’t get a regression test every iteration without having automated tests. Well, you can, but you’ll be wasting a lot of time…

  2. Hi -e
    I’m not saying you shouldn’t automate, I’m just saying don’t rely on it for all tasks. I’ve known testers to write automation tests, that are difficult to maintain and have no payback value in terms of cost saving. The whole point of automation is to save money, not because the tester doesn’t like running the same tests manually.

    See my thoughts on the subject over on

  3. namU0O I want to say – thank you for this!

  4. Globals said

    all good things

  5. Ashley said

    I am really in fond of Agile Development and obviously I love this tips too.

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