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Whiteboards & Agile Teams – Give us walls but don’t divide us!

Posted by Tara Hamilton-Whitaker on July 13, 2009

taskboardtatemodernI just heard about this great new product from Idea Paint – it’s paint that can turn all of your walls into whiteboards(!)  This is clearly an excitingly geeky prospect for any Agile team.

I’m not overly sure how cost effective this option is (£2.16GBP/$3.5USD per sq.ft) versus mounting whiteboards on walls, however it’s definitely an interesting concept.

This new product actually reminds me of a remarkably profound moment I experienced towards the end of 2008.  Kelly Waters and I were working with our Facilities department to ensure that our new space was layed out and fitted with tools that promoted collaborative working – each team needed their own Task Board and planning space.  This (as one can imagine) is somewhat of a challenge when situated in a glass building with few walls(!)…

The brief emerged: “Give us walls but don’t divide us”

Note: I must confess that our temporary stint with no walls did result in a task board with one of the best views in London (the Tate Modern, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Thames, The City of London)!  – see inset. There is clearly less reason for distraction during the Daily Scrum nowadays!

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Posted by Tara Hamilton-Whitaker on July 9, 2009

Alicia Navarro, Founder and CEO of Skimbit  stopped by the other day to give us a quick overview of their main product – Skimlinks.

What an ingenious tool.Skimlinks

In a nutshell…

1)      Insert a line of Skimlinks code into each page on your website (including forums)

2)      You write content as you always did – this may include writing product reviews…

3)      You link to the product so people can find out more or even purchase it

4)      The user clicks on the link so they can find out more

5)      Skimlinks takes note of where the user is headed (on the fly)

6)      Skimlinks identifies whether this supplier is part of their affiliate network

7)      Skimlinks pays you the affiliate fee they’ve agreed with that supplier

What’s particularly interesting is that this model works best in social media/forums environments where users are recommending products to their network of friends.

Forums are historically difficult to monetise, so I look forward to seeing how this revenue model pans out.  

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