The Impact of Agile Software Development on Testing

A series of 30 second interviews from STARWEST 2008, discussing the impact that Agile Software Development has on testing and the testing process.

Participants include:

  • Fiona Charles – President, Quality Intelligence Inc
  • Adrian O’Leary – Director, Center of Excellence, Cognizant
  • James Bach – Software Testing Naturalist
  • Scott Barber – Cheif Technologist, PerfTestPlus
  • Derk-Jan de Grood – Testing Expert, Collis
  • Matthew Winford – Senior Product Manager Compuware
  • Brian Pinkus – CEO & Founder, Outsource Testing
  • Brad Johnson – Senior Director, Product Marketing, Borland
  • David Gorena – Software Design Engineer, Microsoft
  • Jane Fraser – QA Director, Electronic Arts
  • Frank Cohen – Push to Test
  • Brian Anderson – Director Product Management, Worksoft
  • Andreas Grabner – Senior Performance Architect, Dyna Trace

What are your thoughts on the matter?


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One comment

  1. Personally I feel agile has had a positive impact on testing, integrating it far more than any other process. Traditional methods separate testing from development, I believe testing is PART OF development (and no, not just unit testing). “Testing” for me just forms another part of the “done” definition of a story, in other words, just a set of additional tasks to be done as the story reaches functional completion points.

    “Test early test often” is a motto I think people should live by…

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