Agile is so last year – Introducing the Waterfall Manifesto…!

the-waterfall-manifestoI just stumbled upon a site that really made me laugh – the Waterfall Manifesto.

The authors explain…

“If you want to keep your job, we strongly recommend that you follow these principles:

  • Your highest priority is to take no initiative for which you could be blamed. Taking no initiative at all would be even better.
  • Changing requirements are a pain in the ass, moreover late in development. Let it be known to the customer and make him pay dearly for just thinking about change.
  • Do not deliver working software frequently, because this could make the customer change his mind (see above).
  • At regular intervals, the team should meet to eat pizzas and drink beer. It helps developers to forget that they are working on a bloody software development project and confirms that the management really care about people. (they do not mention pizzas and beers in the other manifesto, think about it…)”

… and there are more!

Read the full list of Waterfall principles at


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