An Introduction to Lean for Agile Managers

Diana Larsen, chair of the Agile Alliance, delivers a really informative, and easy-to-follow seminar on the subject of Lean for Agile Managers.  In this seminar, Diana explains the origins of Lean, elaborates upon the seven core Principles of Lean and offers insight into ways to maximise value and reduce waste.

Diana also touches on the following topics/questions:

  • How do Managers fit into the Value Stream and how can you reduce Management waste?
  • How do we focus our work in a Lean environment?
  • What is ‘Tracking and Fanning’? (i.e. find what works and do more of it!)
  • Minimising/Reducing your ‘Zone of Disturbance’
  • What is an ‘Agile Heartbeat’?
  • The importance of ‘Navigating the Team Boundaries’
  • The importance of gaining support from the organisation
  • The importance of celebrating both small and large successes
  • Encouraging change in the systems that undermine the team

The Seven Principles of Lean

  1. Eliminate waste
  2. Amplify learning (organisational and individual)
  3. Decide at the last *responsible* moment (keep your options open)
  4. Deliver as fast as *possible* (without compromising value)
  5. Empower the team (“every decision needs to be made closest to where the work is done”)
  6. Build integrity into the system
  7. See the whole (“think in terms of the whole system not local optimisation”)

A Lean Glossary

  • Customers = people who USE your products
  • Flow = maximising the movement of work through the process
  • Gemba = the place where the work is ‘done’
  • Kaizan = continuous improvement (e.g. retrospectives)
  • Kaikaku = radical improvements (e.g.
  • Kanban = the pull system
  • Muda = waste
  • Perfection = the continuous quest for value and reduction of waste
  • Value = as defined by the customer (ONLY the customer can say what value is)
  • Value Stream = the critical chain of work process steps we go through to deliver value to the customer (each step must deliver value)

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