How to Plan Software Development Projects with Distributed Teams

In this Google Tech Talk, Hubert Smits provides some very useful insight on how to plan projects with Distributed Agile Teams.

Hubert is the author of ‘Five Levels of Agile Planning’ and co-author of ‘A CIO’s Playbook for Adopting Scrum’. He is also an Agile Coach and Mentor for Rally Software Development.

The abstract is as follows:

Hubert Smits will give a hands-on overview of the activities that are involved in larger agile projects. Larger projects stretch out over more then a few months and have more then a single team involved. Things get more complex when the teams are not collocated.

Hubert has based the talk on his paper “Multi Level Planning for Agile Projects”and presents a practical implementation of the planning levels. The experience he uses in the presentation is taken from his work as an agile coach for Rally Software Development, which brings him to projects with teams scattered across the globe: the US, Europe, Middle East and Far East. Credits: Speaker:Hubert Smits

In this lecture, Hubert discusses the following:

– The Agile Rhythm
– Revisiting an Agile Process
– The ‘problems’ with this Agile Process – scaling (!)
– Realising your ‘Vision’
– Scheduling and Prioritisation
– Goal of the Planning Process
– Product Vision and the Product Backlog
– Product Roadmap
– Release Planning
– Daily Scrum (scaled)
– Retrospective


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