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So, You Want to be a Software Programming Rock Star?

Posted by Tara Hamilton-Whitaker on September 7, 2009

A great Google Tech Talk by Joshua Kerievsky, where he discusses some of the challenges faced by programmers, common gotchas and how Industrial Logic ‘s eLearning albums can help you to improve your Programming Skills.

Some of the following topics:

  • What are ‘code smells’ i.e. bad design
  • How do you improve the design of existing code (java, C++, C#)
  • How do you write good unit tests?
  • Test Driven Development
  • How do you deal effectively with legacy code?
  • Design Patterns


Presented by Joshua Kerievsky.

Software programming rock stars test-drive their code, refactor mercilessly and deftly apply design patterns.

If youd like to get from musician to rock star status, a good place to start is Industrial Logics eLearning albums. Crafted over the past 4 years, these interactive, multimedia tracks feature challenging labs that rank your level and suggest improvements, engaging videos by experts, stimulating quizzes and an ability to ask questions and receive answers by knowledgeable practitioners.

Join Joshua Kerievsky, founder of Industrial Logic, as he guides you through his company’s state-of-the-art eLearning albums on timeless software design skills.


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