Sprint Backlog Template with Objective-Level Burndowns

A Sprint Backlog Template is used to track progress against Sprint Commitments.

This Sprint Backlog template is slightly more complex than your bog-standard template as it also allows you to track Stretch Tasks and Sprint Progress at a Category/Objective-Level.

Standard Features of a Sprint Backlog

  • List of User Stories that the Scrum Team committed to delivering at the Sprint Planning Workshop (See: Scrum Sprint Planning Meetings – Who, What, When, Where, Why)
  • List of Tasks associated with each User Story that are then estimated in hours
  • A burndown chart tracking delivery progress
  • The total number of hours remaining at the end of each day (this drives the burndown chart)

Additional Features included in this Sprint Backlog Template

  •  Assign tasks to categories e.g. a particular sprint objective, an epic, a theme, a product or product owner
  • Produce category/objective-level burndowns
  • Track Burn up on Unplanned work e.g. Stretch tasks and/or scope creep (See: Minimising the Impact of Sprint Disruptions)
  • Track cost against each category based on the Sprint cost / Percentage effort assigned to each category
  • Print a  1-page overview of the sprint that can be circulated to stakeholders

More on Scrum & Agile Templates or Scrum Backlogs

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Download the Sprint Backlog Template with Category-Leve Burndowns
Download the Sprint Backlog Template with Objective-Level Burndowns

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