Agile Testing vs. Traditional Testing

This this is a remarkably capitvating and informative talk that actually had me laughing out loud at times – it gets more serious at the lecture progresses. Elisabeth Hendrickson, founder of Quality Tree Consulting, provides training and consulting in the areas of software quality and testing.

In this Google Tech Talk, Elisabeth compares traditional QAT  with Agile QAT in Scrum, Lean, Crystal and XP. Although the primary focus is on testing, Elisabeth also offers an interesting take on the general differences between Agile and Waterfall practices – a good overall introduction to the Agile way.

Google Tech Talks 2005

“As more teams are adopting Agile practices such as XP and Scrum, software testing teams are being asked to become “Agile” as well. But what does that mean? Is the Agile label yet another buzzword? Or could it be Agile practices are actually changing the way software is built?

In this talk Elisabeth Hendrickson shares her perspective on how test teams can be more Agile based on her experiences working as a tester on Agile teams. Along the way, she’ll provide an overview of how Agile practices differ from traditional practices and discuss what those differences mean for independent test teams.”

Enjoy! : o)

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