Agile Balanced Scorecard – Measuring the effectiveness of an Agile Software Development Team

agile-balanced-scorecardPeople often confuse Velocity with effectiveness .e.g. ‘my team are delivering many Story Points therefore they are amazing.’

Velocity does by definition assume a degree of quality output by any Agile Software Development Team, by the virtue of the fact that you should only count accepted Story Points towards your velocity.

With that said, there are many other factors that need to be considered when assessing the overall effectiveness of the team.

Traditional performance management practices such as the Balanced Scorecard use Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”) to measure the effectiveness of a team.

We can apply this concept to an Agile Development Team by considering performance in the following areas – an Agile Balanced Scorecard:

  1. Reliability – are the team delivering what they say they will? Read more about Reliability
  2. Quality – live defects, beta defects, stakeholder satisfaction  Read more about Quality
  3. Value – are we delivering the highest value User Stories? How productive/profitable are we? Read more about Value
  4. Velocity Read more about Velocity
I have uploaded a few templates that you can download to help you track some of these Key Performance Indicators.
To download these templates visit:
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  1. I’m new to Agile. Great stuff on this site. Very interested in using your excel templates to track effectiveness. Send me a note when you add them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I like what you’ve got here in this scorecard. i also would like to see your templates for tracking. Thanks.

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